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Acetal Resin RPD

Acetal Resins are a semi-flexible super material! With tooth-borne indications it maintains better tissue health while still behaving and handling undercuts the way traditional flexible materials would. It comes in Vita tooth shades providing superior aesthetics in clasp areas, is extremely lightweight, very durable, biocompatible and impervious to stains.


We know that offering your patients the best in everything is your top priority. We are excited to offer Flexible Partials as an amazingly comfortable and aesthetic option for removable RPD's. We offer clear and pink base options. Download an Rx and let's start designing!


We offer a host of different provisionals both fixed and removable. Need to maintain space during the healing process of new implants? We offer Boomer Bridges, BioFlex Flexible RPD's, PMMA temporaries!

Occlusal Guards

Are you prescribing protection for your patients teeth and condyles? We offer a full line of Bruxism and Occlusal guards. Choose from Repositioning Splints, Flat-Plane Occlusal Guards, H/S Splints, NTI Appliances or fully customizable Sport-guards. Choose your favorite team colors and even add helmet straps!

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