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Crown & Bridge

LiSi GC Initial Lithium Discilicate

5 Year Warranty

LiSi by GC America is a robust and highly stable Feldspar based ceramic with an optimized crystal structure. With superior natural aesthetics LiSi can be used as a full contour restoration or micro layered. It can also be used for veneers, inlays and onlays. 

IPS eMax Lithium Discilicate

5 Year Warranty

Emax has been touted as the new standard for metal free ceramics and can be used for many indications including full-contour, micro-layered, veneers, inlays and onlays. It can be cemented or bonded and is a great choice for natural aesthetics. Emax can me pressed or milled. 

Zirlux Zirconia

Zirlux is available in multiple options from multi-layered to solid zirconia, anterior to posterior. Zirlux is touted as being one of the strongest materials on the market today but with superior aesthetics it's easy to see why it is becoming one of the most requested brands in dentistry!

CubeX High Translucency Zirconia

7 Year Warranty

CubeX is a revolution to cosmetic dentistry! This monolithic high translucency zirconia delivers astounding aesthetics and may be used for anterior and posterior indications and suitable for up to 3-unit bridges. When used full contour CubeX offers 600 mpa's flexural strength. Like all of our zirconia's CubeX can be micro layered for superior aesthetics.

Z Complete Zirconia

7 Year Warranty* on Single Units

Z Complete is the new standard of zirconia! Like the name implies "Z" or Zirconia Complete is raising the bar for monolithic Zr restorations. It has high translucency while delivering over 1100 mpa's of flexural strength. In can be used for up to 14 unit bridges as well as substructures for porcelain-fused-to-zirconia. It is an excellent choice for superior strength in all posterior situations and when glazed and polished with our Lustre Paste's have a natural wear against opposing dentition.

Multi-FZ Multi Layered Zirconia

7 Year Warranty

Multi-FZ is a monolithic full-contour zirconia comprised of 3 proprietary layers; the cervical, body, and incisal. This new zirconia emulates the dentition by mimicking the cingulum, pulp and enamel layers present in the natural crown.

Full Contour Gold

Lifetime Warrenty

Gold has long been an industry standard for dentistry. With it's biocompatibility and excellent wear rate against the natural dentition it's easy to see why gold has been used for so long. For years we have melted and cast gold alloys for crowns. Have you ever seen a solid gold puck? It's Here! Milled gold crowns offer an excellent fit and the most dense gold ever!

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