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Bridges & Veneers

We have chosen it as one of our go to brands and it's not hard to see why Zirlux's robust portfolio of products are storming the Dental Market today while touting some of the strongest yet most aesthetic choices for Dentist's and technicians alike. 

Digital Nightguards

Improved accuracy and fit as the digital dental revolution continues. Digital 3D Nightguards are hands down the way to treat bruxism, TMD and all types of TMJ problems. We start by designing the splint in CAD while addressing all condular indications. We then open the vertical to the desired position, check functional movements in protrusive and lateral excursions, then print the appliance in 3D!

Acetal Resins are quickly becoming a preferred choice for removable prosthodontics. Why? Acetal Resins are a semi-flexible super material! With tooth-borne indications it maintains better tissue health while still behaving and handling undercuts the way traditional flexible materials would. It comes in Vita tooth shades providing superior aesthetics in clasp areas, is extremely lightweight, very durable, biocompatible and impervious to stains. What's more?! It's digital! We design each case in 3D for a fit and function that is second to none. Same traditional workflow with integrated CAD/CAM for superior results!

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