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Why Acetal Resin Partials?

Fit: Acetal Resin is a Semi-Flexible resin with a superior tensile strength that allows it to perform like flexible partial resins. (ie. engage deeper undercuts that by all traditional respects would be deemed undesirable)

Comfort: On a deeper level, because it can be designed digitally it can be fabricated from an intra-oral scan (static) and milled with tissue stops so that intaglio surfaces are non-compressive. AR being tooth-borne allows a healthy amount of tissue stimulation preserving alveolar ridge.

Aesthetics: AR as stated above offers tremendous tensile strength while providing unparalleled flexibility. This allows us to engage undercuts below the height of contours and in many cases keeping the clasps out of the patients smile line. In the situations where clasps would typically be visible AR is tooth colored making them virtually invisible. AR comes in a variety of VITA shades to match your patients existing dentition.

Compliance: Finally patients love it. It's extremely lightweight, has no metal taste and has no hypersensitivity to hot or cold.

For us it was a no brainer and we've added Zirlux Acetal Resin to the roster of materials that we offer. For an aesthetic, tooth-colored, toothborne, semi-flexible, lightweight, biocompatible RPD option Zirlux Acetal Resin is where it's at! Is it right for you? You be the judge!

Zirlux Acetal Resin

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